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The Painting Orchestra is the name of a new instrumental class of beginners opening this year. Its objective being to learn music in a group from the very beginning. The Painting Orchestra took his name from the technique of sound painting developed by Walter Thompson at the end of the 20th century, which is a language using gestures. These gestures, taught and understood by the orchestra members, enable the conductor to create music in live. It can be done with professional musicians but it can also be used at a very simple level. At the core of it, is the creation. With this small orchestra, we aim at discovering together all the colours of sound, all the wide range of possibilities offered by our instrument, learning the instrument as well as learning to interact in the group so as to create together our best musical painting. Each child discover with the help of the teacher his strengths, different or complementary to the others. The group gives space for the child to develop the things that are more difficult for him.

The group and social interaction in learning an instrument brings joy and motivation to the children. The group interactions creates also a healthy competition within children, where they inspire, motivate and support each other. This way, through the guidance of the teacher, the motivation grows within themselves to tackle the many challenges of learning an instrument such as the violin. Being in a group gives also from an early stage the possibility to play in harmony, listening to ones own voice as well as the others, opening the ear. Singing and playing around with rhythms -the essence of music- are also part of this teaching. We start by making music, and use the joy that comes out of it to learn the instrument on a technical level as well as to read music and to experiment the basis of harmony. From the motivation awaken in children, we go through the technical requirements step by step to improve our possibilities on the instrument. In this ensemble also, the raw and pure creative expression of the child is used as a basis for learning to play the instrument. 

A classical music awareness project for everyone and every budget, for 8 children between 8 and 12 years old. (6 violins 2 cellos)

 in French

and with Clémence Hazaël-Massieux


Cost contribution: €420,- per school year

The registration is done through the Recitativo Association:

Cultural Association Recitativo 

IBAN:  AT412011184272520301


Your registration is valid as soon as the payment is received on the account of the association. The organizing team of "le conservatoire" does not make any profit and subsidizes this project by working for free.  You will receive further information by e-mail in response to your registration via the online form. 

Clémence Hazaël-Massieux is a french professional violinist and violin teacher. She studied in a classical conservatoire in Avignon and discovered from an early age the joy of playing in a group. Indeed her first years of learning the violin was with the Suzuki method. Later, she studied in England to become a professional violinist (gaining a licence then a Masters of Violin Performance). She then worked there, widening her horizons of teaching with the discovering of El Systema or Wider Opportunity Project in whole class instrumental teaching. In Paris she then worked for six years with many different forms of groups. She led an « orchestra in movement », a choreographed orchestra for young children, she taught in elementary schools mostly from ages 8-12. She also taught smaller children for two years, from age 5-6. She participted for four years to the wonderful project Demos (orchestra with social dimension), an orchestra of 100 children learning an instrument in a group and giving concerts for three years before deciding to pursuie with individual lessons for the most interested ones. She has also taught individualy in classical conservatoires in Paris 20th district conservatoire, in Musique Ensemble 20e and in Saint Michel sur Orges conservatoire. In parrallel she carried on her performing career, participating in musical projects connected to world music such as the flamenco or playing with the classical trio « Classica Viva ». She became the leader and soloist of the Ensemble Via Luce in Paris. Now in Vienna, she recently created a group of oriental music and soufie inspiration. She is also part of the Filigrana Ensemble in France. 

Harmony is what counts, so we ask you to consider the following:


By sending the registration form, the participant agrees to these general conditions and abides by them.

We kindly ask you to arrive 5 to 10 minutes before the beginning of the lesson in order not to disturb the course of the lesson. The doors of our facility will be opened for you 10 minutes before class begins until 10 minutes after class begins.

Supervision and Conduct: Please be advised that our premises are intended for music making and are in no way intended to be a playground. The premises, as well as the instruments stored in them, are not suitable for the play of small children. In order to avoid accidents, but also in the interest of all musicians, young and old, who wish to make music in a pleasant atmosphere, we ask you to observe these instructions with particular care. Unseemly behavior, especially disturbing other students during their music lessons in the building, by running around on stairs and corridors, and by making noise in the school building, is not permitted, nor is violent behavior. Supervision by a teacher is only guaranteed from the moment the student enters and until the moment he/she leaves the classroom, or more precisely, the performance or rehearsal room. Therefore, the teacher as well as the team "Le Conservatoire" and the cultural association Recitativo do not assume any responsibility for the ways from or to the supervised room, even if it is located in the building. The reception area as well as the toilets or other transit areas are expressly not considered as teaching or rehearsal space. 

Liability: Students or their legal representatives are liable for any damage caused by their behavior to buildings, premises, inventory, musical instruments, etc. This liability also includes such damage in and to other locations used in the course of lessons. The teacher and Working Muse e.U. are not liable for damage or loss of private property of the students. Only the students or their legal representatives are liable for any damage caused by their behavior in non-classrooms, such as the reception area, toilets, etc., as well as in all rooms outside the classroom. For all claims made by third parties against the teacher or Working Muse e.U. due to violation of these contractual obligations, the student and his/her legal representative shall indemnify and hold them harmless. This also includes the obligation to fully indemnify and hold the teacher or Working Muse e.U. harmless from legal defense costs (e.g. court and attorney fees).The liability also applies to the siblings brought along as well as friends of the students who may be on the premises. Please keep in mind that Working Muse's rooms are not intended for independent use by young children.

No chaperones are permitted during class. Out of respect for the other enrollees and as a matter of equity, we cannot accommodate an additional student accompanying an enrolled student unless the student is enrolled by name, including siblings or friends.

Musical Instruments: Musical instruments provided by the house to the children are to be treated with care. Any damage to the teaching facilities and the musical instruments is the responsibility of the legal representative or his/her liability insurance.

It is not possible to eat during the course (snacks should be taken before or after the course).

Missed lessons due to illness of the student or personal reasons will not be refunded and there is no legal claim for compensation. This also applies in case of a complete cancellation of the course. 

In the event of a government shutdown, all classes will be converted to online classes. 


We thank you in advance for your help in ensuring that classes are held under the best conditions, in the best interest of all participants.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at any time by email or phone. 

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